Web Marking

Web marking is a relatively new part of Vacuumatic’s business but a very important one nonetheless. Vacuumatic were approached in 1999 and asked if our traditional sheet marking tab inserters could be used to mark defects in reel to reel web production.

Although our traditional tab inserters were not suitable for this environment, we investigated the possibilities to determine what would be required to create a web marking system and what the market for web marking machines would be. The results were surprising in that traditionally, operators were hand flagging to mark defects and there appeared to be no machine or system that could undertake web marking.

Clearly, on health and safety grounds, hand flagging of defects was considered a dangerous practice and with increasing web speeds and increased guarding, it seemed obvious that an automatic flagging device was an essential development in reel to reel web production.

The Reel Tab Inserter Systems or RTIS3

So in 2000 Vacuumatic launched the Reel Tab Inserter System (RTIS). Now in its 3rd incarnation, the RTIS 3 has many advantages and additions incorporated into it as we’ve worked with our customers to establish their lead requirements and channelled their feedback, along with our years of experience in this field, into our Reel Tab Inserter System.

The RTIS 3 can print 3 letter codes, bar codes in 2D and 3D and images either manually or from signals given to it from various sources, such as camera inspection or vision systems, sensors, PLC inputs etc.

Types of machines that use our RTIS 3 or Reel Tab Inserter Systems

  • Coating machines
  • Coaters
  • Foiling machines
  • Foilers
  • Flexographic printing presses
  • Flexo machines
  • Web printing machines
  • Reel to reel process machinery
  • Laminating machines
  • Extrusion machinery
  • Printing machines
  • Converting machines
  • Blown film extrusion

Uses for the Reel Tab Inserter System

Typical applications for our RTIS or Reel Tab Inserter System are converting, packaging, printing, paper, film, foil, pharmaceutical, poster papers, decorative papers, flexible packaging, decorative packaging, permanent bond laminates, hot stamping foils, OVD security products, self-adhesive stamps and labels, medical wound dressings, composite materials, electronic circuitry, renewable energy components, fabrics, adhesive labels, wall paper, hot stamping foil, holographic coating, pressure sensitive material processing, flexographic printing, gravure printing machine packaging, automation packaging film, carrier bags, heavy-duty sacks, laminating, laminations, shrink and stretch hoods, CPP, barrier films, stretch film, winding, unwinding, plastic films, woven fabric, non-woven fabric and carbon fibre

Makes of machines that use our Reel Tab Inserter System

Our Reel Tab Inserter System (RTIS 3) has been fitted to some of the following manufacturers’ machinery: Windmöller & Hölsche, Goebel IMS, Kroenert, Delpro, Bobst, Mitsubishi, MAN Roland, Cerutti, Nordmeccanica Group, Comexi, Schiavi, A.Celli and Protem

Our Reel Tabbing System has also been used been used in conjunction with the following camera inspection manufacturers and companies: Erhardt + Leimer, Lake Image Systems, AVT, Cognex, BST Eltromat, Eye C and Isra Vision


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