Tabbing machines and tabbing inserters

Vacuumatic has 5 different tabbing machines available so at least one of our tabbing machines should be suitable for your requirements. Tab inserters have a variety of uses for in the printing industry for instance:

  • Batch marking
  • Tabbing
  • Tab insertion
  • Inserting
  • Batching
  • Ream counting
  • Creating sets
  • On line counting and batching

The CUTI is an ideal tabbing machine for small offset printing presses, whereas the VUTI is used for large offset printing presses and for sheeters. The UTI is a sheeter, controlled through PLCs. The Smart 1 and MTI tabbers or tab inserters have different roles, the former is usually integrated with a camera inspection system or programmable logic controller or PLC and the latter is a small compact tab inserter for integration into printing presses and die cutters.

So remember VUTI, UTI , Smart 1, CUTI, MTI: a range of tabbing machines to suit all purposes.

The above units are different in the tabbing operations and functions they can perform and here are more detailed breakdowns of each tabbing machine or system and its functions.

VUTI: Vacuumatic Universal Tab Inserter

This is a complete tabber system with an electronic count controller (ECC). The electronic count controller takes a count pulse in from the machine it is fitted to, using either a sensor or an electrical pulse from the machines existing counter. You set the batch size for tabbing and a cut delay and the ECC automatically sends the fire and cut signal to the UTI (Universal Tab Inserter).

With the use of our junction box more than 1 tabber can be controlled from a single input.

UTI or Universal Tab Inserter

This is a tabber only and as such sends a fire signal of between 100-280 milliseconds dependant on the tape length required and a cut signal of 50 milliseconds fixed, from the PLC of the sheeter. There must be a delay between the fire and cut signals. With the use of our junction box more than 1 tabber can be controlled from a single input.

Smart 1 tabber body

Again a tabber only, however this tabber only requires 1 signal from an external source, which can be from a PLC or a camera inspection system). Either a 5-24Volt AC/DC opto isolated or a normally open zero volt contact of at least 20 milliseconds, will start a fire and cut sequence. There are individual dials on the rear of the tabber unit, which allow for tape length adjustment and cut delay.

CUTI: Combined Universal Tab Inserter

This is a simple tab inserter with a combined keypad for entering a variable batch size with a fixed cut delay. The count is supplied from a sensor or electrical pulse from the machines existing counter.

MTI: Mini Tab Inserter

A compact and small unit with separate tabbing head and control box. This unit only accepts a count pulse from a printing press. The head unit is designed to be mounted in the press delivery area usually attached to the side jogging bar.

Who can use our tabbing machines and tab inserters

Our tab inserters can be used on all printing presses either by integrating them into the press counter or as stand-alone tabbing units using a sensor. We can also link as many tab inserters as required on sheeters to tab each stack that’s produced.

Makes of machines that use our tabbing systems and tab inserters

Tab inserters can be used on paperboard sheeter machines, paper sheeter machinery, paper sheet cutting machines and the following manufacturers’ machinery: Heidelberg, KBA, MAN Roland, Mitsubishi, Bobst, Ryobi, Hamada, Sakurai, Komori, Presstek, Heiber-Schroeder, Mabeg, Robust, Jagenburg, Pasaban, Bielomatic, Maxson, BW Papersystems and Strachan & Henshaw


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