Short run card mailing using TCF Friction Feeder and Plockmatic customised for client
Requirement to feed Z folded paper with 1 to 4 credit cards attached.

Short Run Card Mailing



  • Insertion of folded paper with plastic cards attached into envelopes for distribution.
  • Variable thickness with no adjustment – 1 to 4 cards (randomly) intermixed – C-fold, Z-fold, Teslin cards.
  • Z fold carrier presents feeding challenges as open edge leading has tendency to strip open edge back.
  • Plockmatic Feeder would not feed variable thickness carriers (1 to 4) on Z folded carriers well.
  • Fiserv senior management were resolute in the need to feed from 1 to 4 cards per carrier in intermixed stacks.
  • Application was for short run jobs of less than 1000, these were currently inserted by hand.
  • Job set up had to be within 3 minutes.
  • Throughput target of 360 inserts per hour.

The Vacuumatic Solution

Vacuumatic TCF linked to Plockmatic Reflex envelope insertion machine. Required custom conveyor and software to interface to Plockmatic system.

Also required feeder redesign to reduce size of feeder (original feeder sized for up to A4 width paper).


The complete solution with the Plockmatic machine taking products from the Vacuumatic TCF Friction Feeder on demand.


The results speak for themselves with all requested parameters exceeded.