Lose bank notes counted in 100, 500 or 1,000 batches on rotary counting machines from Vacuumatic
Loose bank notes need counting into 100, 500 or 1000 stacks.

Rotary Bank Note Counter

De La Rue


  • Count and batch rejected new bank notes prior to destruction.
  • Some notes would be torn or have corners missing so not suitable for the Vacuumatic standard machines.
  • Even rejected notes have a value and each one has to be accounted for prior to destruction.
  • Make sure that notes are not stuck together.
  • 100% accuracy is paramount.

The Vacuumatic Solution

Rotary Note Counter designed to take the complete note through the machine for counting.

Length measurement to check for notes part sticking together.

Ultrasonic sensors fitted for double detection.


The finished machine counting and batching into the required quantity.


  • Unbanded Bank Notes New/Used/Reject
  • Cheques New/Used


  • Rotary vacuum feed counting technology for bank notes
  • Note size range 60 x 120 mm to 85 x 180 mm approximately
  • Ultrasonic and dual optical sensing systems
  • Variable speed – 75,000 nph typical throughput
  • Hopper volume 3,500 notes
  • Heavy duty build – suitable for factory environment
  • Completely self contained, including vacuum pump
  • Touch screen operator interface


  • Highly efficient banknote processing
  • Accurate count results
  • Rotary note counter can be customised to fit within an existing process