The RTIS range of web markers

offers unparalleled waste management control by remote firing of adhesive marker labels onto the moving edge of web material, whenever an area or length of spoiled product needs to be isolated from good copy, at speeds of up to 600m/min with no physical contact.

RTIS 3 Web marker

The RTIS 3 is the latest version of the tried and tested Reel Tab Inserter System, which is a web marking systems for reel to reel web production. The new modular design allows the selection of options to suit your requirements, and can be easily upgraded in the future should those requirements change.

From the Basic web marking unit which applies a label onto the moving web, to the Standard Print version,  which prints a 3 letter reason of fault code onto the label, with 8 manual and 8 automatic codes as standard, through to the Advanced Print Version, which adds the ability to custom code the reason of fault to suit your requirements and print barcodes and images onto the label. There is an RTIS 3 web marker to suit all requirements.

The RTIS 3 web marker can attach a label to the web at speeds of up to 600m/min with no physical contact and therefore no risk of damage to the web. The RTIS 3 can be operated manually. RTIS 3 web marking can also be triggered automatically by an external device such as a sensor or camera inspection system. Installing an RTIS 3 web marker eliminates the dangerous and inaccurate practice of hand flagging, an increasingly hot topic during health and safety evaluations.

Two mounting options are available, over-web and off-web. The services panel can be mounted in one of two different positions. These new enhancements allow the RTIS 3 web marking system to be fitted when space is limited.

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Typical Applications

  • Coating & laminating
  • Foil producers
  • Heat activated laminate film
  • Web printers
  • Flexographic printers
  • Converters
  • Reel-to-reel manufacturing processes


  • Compact web marking unit, simple to set up and operate
  • No contact with the web
  • Accurate marking of defects
  • Easy identification of marked areas
  • Different operating options (manual or automatic via sensors or camera inspection systems)
  • Internal mini thermal printer to print ‘reason of fault codes’ onto the labels (Standard and Advanced version only)


  • Eliminates dangerous hand flagging
  • Minimising waste and ensures higher levels of efficiency
  • Separation of good product from spoil
  • Fast return on investment
  • No contact with the web ensures no chance of damage or web breaks
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